Lower Back Pain Treatment

The sciatic nerve runs from the spinal chord, through the gluteus maximus (buttock) and down the back of each leg. The piriformis is a muscle that forms part of the buttock. It connects the femur to the pelvis The sciatic nerve runs underneath the piriformis. When the piriformis becomes tight, swells or goes into spasms, it puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. The pain radiates down the back of the thigh, and can go as far as your foot. Causes include prolonged sitting and trauma. Climbing stairs, running, walking and sitting can make it worse. Specialized surgery usually cures it. The sciatic nerve is one of the longest nerves in the body. It is actually a group of nerves bundled together that extends from the lower back down through each leg and ending in the feet. When the sciatic nerve becomes inflamed, it can cause numbness, pain, burning sensations or weakness. The most common cause for sciatica is a herniated disk compressing the nerve. There are other medical causes like diabetes, blood clots and tumors. Even sitting in an awkward position for an extended period of time can cause the sciatic nerve to turn painful. Did you think you were the only one letting out a grunt because of a back pain whenever you get up after sitting for a long time or after you wake up in the morning? Let me tell you, that you are not the only one going through this agony. There are innumerable cases of people going through back pain. Rate the most common types of pain and it will be right there among the top ones. In addition to this it is not just pain that a person experiences, there can be burning, tingling and other undecipherable things accompanying the pain in upper back. Avoid sitting for long periods of time. It takes a lot of strength to sit up straight. People often slouch at some point and when they do for a long time it can give them back pain. For back pain relief try to minimize your sitting time to an hour. I know this is difficult to do if you have a sitting job or are a student. If that is the case see if you can stand up and walk around for a few minutes every hour. Also consider purchasing a pillow or a comfortable chair to help keep you propped up. If you are in a hurry and would just like to learn how to get fast relief from your pain, you should check out our natural pain cream called Rub on Relief. Rub on Relief is the ONLY 100% All Natural topical pain cream to relieve EVERY type of pain your body throws at you and will help you heal. No matter what your “grin-and-bear-it” pain is, you can rub the pain away in minutes. You’ll feel a little tingle and then, No More Pain. You can learn more and see customer reviews when you click hereback pain cancer The spinal column is made up of vertebrae that sit in a column with spongy discs between them. These discs are jelly-like, but occasionally they can tear. When they tear, the jelly inside can leak out and cause a herniation. This is a bulge that can push against the spinal cord or any of the nerves that come out from it. When this happens, the patient will usually experience pain, numbness and tingling in the area that the nerve supplies feeling to. There are treatments for disc tears that range from conservative, such as medications, to radical, such as surgery. But we also know we can interrupt the pain impulse away from the injury site, at the spinal cord. If our pain killer could also decrease the release of (or deplete the C fiber of) Substance P, the pain impulse would be blocked at the spinal cord level. Aspirin and NSAIDS have no known effect at this site. Narcotics and tricyclic antidepressants, such as amitriptylene or Elavil, on the other hand, actually can block the release of Substance P and stop transmission at the spinal cord level, but once again have no value in decreasing the levels of the bio-chemicals of pain. Studiesshow that 80% of adults suffer from some kind of back pain. This can be due tostretching or wound in muscles, ligaments, bones etc. Especially women are moreprone to back pain. Keep on working in a bowing posture, working in the sameposture, standing for long hours, long hrs of work on system/laptop in wrong postureetc may result in back pain very easily. This can also happen very easily dueto strain in back muscles due to heavy weight lifting. Back pain can be mild orsevere. Pain in neck, upper back/spine, middle spine or lower back due totouching or moving or even little weight lifting are indications of futurecomplications. Often the root cause of back shoulder and muscle pain is a misalignment in the vertebrae and it also occurs because of burst or slipped cervical discs. Before you get too scared about what these causes can mean to you, it is necessary to understand that such misalignments as well as structural defects are not in any way a life threatening condition and they are at best only very annoying. To treat such back shoulder and muscle pain it is only necessary that you show yourself to a chiropractor who can provide suitable healing solutions. Other lower back pain remedies include the use of herbs. Many people do not realize that stress can bring on low back pain due to tension and the muscles contracting. A cup of chamomile tea is a great stress buster. Another herb is ginger root tea, which is great for that low back pain. Mint and eucalyptus oils are very effective when they are massaged into the lower back, while another preparation for massaging the back is to heat three or four cloves of garlic with two teaspoons of sesame oil, mustard or coconut. Warm this until the garlic turns brown.