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Pes planus is a fairly common condition. For most individuals, flat feet cause no problems and do not inhibit participation in sports. For another individuals, flat feet can cause stiffness, inflexibility and pain in the feet. Flat feet can also cause ankle and lower leg pain. In sports that require a lot of running, you may feel pain over the bottom of your feet. This pain can cause discomfort in the knees and legs as well as limping after strenuous activity. Sports like baseball that require standing for a long period of time can cause pain with flat feet as well. Footwear Modifications Producers make use of various materials for orthotic insoles, with better inflexibility leading to improved correction, and smoother styles making for better consolation. If you have fallen arches, you must visit a podiatrist for an assessment, to be capable to select the best arch supports and insoles to suit the feet With the accurate insoles you can simply prevent foot arch pain. You can have problems with ankle arthritis that can result from the foot being flat. You can have knee problems. You can end up having stress fractures,” he explains.flat feet surgery Many runners with wide feet assume that there is nothing they can do and so try to make the best of running in an average-width pair of shoes. This is the worst thing that you can do. If your local store doesn't stock the shoes that you need, search on line for a solution. Have your feet fitted width-wise at the local store, or use a chart on line to find what width you truly are. Not just any shoe will work for flat feet, either. Here again, motion-control shoes will help, providing support under your arch to help normalize your stride. You Might Also Like Where To Buy Anyone who has sat in front of the computer for long periods of time know what aches and pains can occur in the back, shoulders and neck due to remaining constantly in that position. Part of the reason for this pain is that the chair does not help to support the spine, instead, allows the person to hunch over or to try and keep a straight spine purely by using the back muscles. Children with autism spectrum disorders show early impairments in social interaction and social communication. They understand the physical world much better than the social world," explains Sarkar. If the condition is unequal or unilateral, the body will lean to one side. If the lean is slight, it may easily go unnoticed. That side will experience compression. Muscles and fascia will become habitually shortened and tight. Organ function may eventually be compromised. Blood and nerve supply is impaired. Joints of the compressed side can lose their range of motion. This chain of events can cause foot, ankle, knee, hip, sacroiliac, back, and neck pain Several disorders of the foot itself will emerge over time. And as ever so far away it may seem, jaw dysfunction can occur.